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We care deeply about our festival attendees and want you to have the best experience possible!


You'll find our contact info and some FAQs below...

Any questions? 

We’re always ready to help!

Email our Festival Coordinator (Joey):

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Can I buy extra food and wine at the festival?

Yes! You can get extra wine tasting tickets at the front entrance or simply purchase glasses or bottles directly from each winery. Full lunch options will be available from our on-site chefs & food trucks.

Will this be a crowded event?

Not at all! We are limiting this event to 500 guests max, making the entire event a relaxed experience at a beautiful, sprawling venue.

Do I receive a physical ticket?

Yes, once you purchase your ticket(s) online you will receive a confirmation email with printable/scan-able tickets. We will also have your name on our will-call list at the festival gates, so don't worry about losing your tickets. 

What is your return policy?

Rootstock takes place rain or shine and refunds are generally not issued. We have a rain contingency plan and our VIP dinner can be brought fully indoors.

Can children attend the festival?


Children and attendees under the age of 21 receive FREE admission with a parent. Minors will NOT receive a wristband and cannot under any circumstance consume alcohol. 

Are there tickets for a designated driver?

Yes, non-drinkers/designated drivers can pay $10 at the festival gates for admission if accompanying other guests.

What's with the name 'Rootstock'?

Modern grapevines, and nearly all those in Texas, are grafted plants which have a genetically European "scion" (the above-ground part of the plant) joined to a genetically native Texan "rootstock". The festival, and the entire wine industry, are based on agriculture, literally from the ground up... 

I am a vendor; whom do I contact to participate in the festival?

Rootstock is limited to just Texas wineries and food vendors with no other vendors involved. If you are a chef or winery and would like to take part, please email to inquire.


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